Your Favourite Restaurant – At Your Place

In association with Deliveroo 

There was a time when, if you wanted a meal at your place, you had two choices. Hunt for the Mary Berry book, or phone for a take-away. Neither of which had you licking your lips in feverish anticipation.

Enter Deliveroo – an idea so staggeringly brilliant, so simple, it begs the question: just what took ‘em so long?

Like all good forward thinking food stories, Deliveroo has its genesis in New York. Over there, the whole concept of food delivery is very different. Restaurants just get it. It’s just a thing that happens, in a way that it didn’t here. Until now.

“Over here, it was nearly impossible to get great quality food delivered,” says Deliveroo’s Dan. “So we made it our personal mission to bring great restaurants closer to their customers.”

The key? Ensuring that busy restaurants don’t get distracted from the important stuff: making seriously great food. Even more crucial when you’re a start up with a growing reputation to nurture.

“We build the tech and logistics to work with restaurants,” Dan says, “to give them a new way to market themselves and a fresh new revenue channel.” Taking the tech headaches away, but keeping the kitchen in control: that’s exactly what Deliveroo delivers.

And it’s working – restaurants can jump in and out of the service depending on how busy they are, and we get to choose from our city’s best and brightest names, from big hitters to indie stars. “It’s not about them having to staff up to meet demand. It’s about them making the most of quieter times, perhaps, or getting the word out about new menus, new promotions. This is about incremental revenue building, not adding extra pressure.”

Orders placed, Deliveroo’s fleet of 150-and-growing drivers are alerted when the food’s just about ready, to whisk it from the pass to your plate.

“The tech just works,” Dan says. “General Managers tell us that the functionality is incredibly simple, and because we don’t deliver more than 8 minutes’ drive away, the food is as fresh and hot as it would be at the restaurant.”

It’s nothing short of a sea-change in the way we choose to eat.Deliv

“It’s amazing,” Dan says, “restaurants are telling us they’re seeing new customers booking a table after they’ve first experienced their food delivered by us.”

It’s a two way street – home deliveries are helping restaurants to actually get busier. Now, hands up, who saw that coming?