WIN: Cooking For Geeks – Putting curiosity back into the kitchen.


If, like us, you’re keen to dig a little deeper into the stuff you consume – and, by deeper, we mean even more interrogative than asking ‘can I spiralize a Big Mac?’ and ‘How did Jamie lose all that weight, just in time to lecture us to do the same?’ well, we could have the perfect Christmas gift for you. The intensely nerdy, and thoroughly fascinating Cooking For Geeks puts the Science into Domestic Science, and ignites a Bunsen burner under your culinary curiosity. Over 500 reassuringly text heavy pages, forensic cook Jeff Potter prods, pokes, peels back and peers into the inner workings of the stuff we eat, and why it tastes so darn good. Although, after Jeff’s had his inquisitive mitts all over it, we’re probably gonna send out for pizza. Stuffed with great recipes (the no-knead bread, and the 30 Second Chocolate Cake are our current favourites), ¬†experiments (scallops enzymatically wrapped in bacon! How to make a 500b doughnut! Cooking in the dishwasher!), and chats with the folk on the cutting edge of that scary/wonderful place where food and science meet, this is a brilliant book for anyone interested in learning more than how to remove outer card, prick all over and press 2min on the microwave.

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