How do you bring age old traditions to a thoroughly modern, clean vodka? You have to follow the drink to its spiritual homeland.

There’s nowhere to hide in vodka. A poor spirit is a poor spirit. And, usually, best disguised with mixers or as a base for a cocktail. Staritsky & Levitsky shows what happens when you elevate the spirit to be the star. What happens when you treat this complex, but much maligned distillation to the respect, care and attention it deserves.

“A plan was hatched. Let’s celebrate the traditions of authentic, small batch vodka distillation… let’s write a whole new chapter.”

Founded by a group of vodka enthusiasts, Staritsky & Levitsky
followed the spirit, and its story, to the source – Europe’s legendary VodkaBelt. Here, there’s a noble lineage of small batch and passionate producers, crafting a spirit that shines: as pure, clean and crisp as a blast of air from the frozen seas of the North.

A plan was hatched. Let’s celebrate the traditi1463070127_tmp_Emporia_5ons of authentic, small batch vodka distillation, where the spirit was born. Let’s write a whole new chapter.

After years of field trips, tastings and recipe research, the perfect place for this story to unfold was discovered: the UNESCO World Heritage city of Lviv, in Ukraine, close to the Polish border.

The name? Mr. Staritsky and Mr. Levitsky were Ukrainian cultural heroes, passionate about the good things in life.  Free thinkers, and social figures their meetings were known for good food and quality vodka. Hence the Staritsky & Levitsky Reserve Vodka’s recipe, based on a formula over 100 years old. Plenty of time to get it right, then.

In the foothills of the pristine Carpathian Mountains, with their1463070299_tmp_Emporia_4 rushing waterfalls feeding the region’s crystal clear rivers and springs, Lviv rises from Ukraine’s rich, fertile Black Soil – the breadbasket of Europe. Here, the grains for distillation are grown. Just as they’ve always grown. Sun, soil and pure water. The magic happens when a skilled team takes this locally sourced goodness, mixes it with historic traditions, and creates a range of small batch spirits for vodka aficionados.

Crafted from single grain Ukrainian wheat, distilled five times Emporia 1in traditional copper stills, the spirit takes on the character of the mineral and nutrient-rich water, imparting a naturally soft, fresh taste.

The vodkas are filtered twice through charcoal and twice through rhinestone. The resulting spirit rests for an extensive time to gain its delicate balance and maturity.

The best things take time. The Staritsky & Levitsky difference is clear.

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Distil. No 9distil-no-9-small-batch-vodka

A premium vodka, and a modern interpretation of a traditional
Ukrainian recipe. Young, fresh, distilled 5 times and purified 4 times (twice through young birch charcoal and twice through rhinestone). Produced in single batches of 9999 bottles. So soft you can sip it and savour its enjoyable aftertaste. And it’s just perfect for mixing in cocktails.

Staritsky & Levitsky Reservestaritsky-levitsky-reserve-vodka

The first super-premium vodka from the birthplace of grain vodka, Ukraine. Distilled from selected August harvest grains cultivated in Ukraine’s fertile Black Soil, with spring water from the protected Carpathian Mountains. Blended by S&L’s Master Distiller, it rests for 30 days to achieve its full body of flavour. Aromas of freshly-cut grass preface the rich, softly balanced taste, with hints of spice, and rounded by a pronounced (classically Slavic) aftertaste with notes of rye bread.

Staritsky & Levitsky Private Cellarstaritsky-levitsky-private-cellar-vodka

An ultra-premium limited edition for the true aficionado to savour. The production is completely hand-made and small scale. Its creamy and soft taste is achieved by hand picking the grains and by using water with 1ppm natural mineralisation and totally neutral pH level. Private Cellar rests for 60 days and is produced in batches of maximum 1000 bottles. A rich saturated taste, free of sharp alcohol flavour. While resting its pure soft palate gains hints of mint, sage, wormwood, completed with a sweetish note of liquorice root.