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Deliveroo’s route to our hearts and hungry stomachs has been nothing short of sensational. So where do they go from here?

It’s hard to remember a time before Deliveroo. Who knew we’d fall so deeply for their ingeniously simple, paradigm-shifting take on home delivery. Well, they did, for one.

“That was the plan,” says Deliveroo’s Dan Fruhman. “We fell in love with the idea, and we thought, if we have, others will. It just becomes part of your life.”

When we last met the Deliveroo guys and girls, they’d just arrived in Manchester (Liverpool and Leeds soon followed), and they’d 1462975887_tmp_Deliveroo_4convinced a couple of dozen of our favourite restaurants to take the plunge. They, and we, have never looked back.

“We thought it would take a while for people to ‘get it’,” Dan says, “but what we found was just how receptive customers quickly became.”

The recipe’s the same – your favourite food, delivered hot and fresh in around 30 minutes. They’re tweaking their logistics and working on making it faster. “We’re constantly pushing to get sub 30, even maybe 20 minutes,” says Dan, “but ultimately, it’s about adding the best local restaurants, and making sure we deliver on our promises.”

Now, with over 100 of our favourite Manchester restaurants online, and a similar number in Liverpool and Leeds (and an increasingly broad sweep of their suburbs too, including South Liverpool, Didsbury and the Headingley area of Leeds), the whole concept of home delivery has shifted a gear or two.

“What’s happened is that we’ve created a whole new marketplace,” Dan reflects. “It’s a chance for people who didn’t order food 1462975624_tmp_Deliveroo_3delivery, because of the bad rep the whole sector had, to enjoy their favourite food, at their place.”

It’s a no compromise approach that ensures only the best makes the cut. “Over time, we’re constantly adding venues, but only the very best local independents and chains we trust, such as Wagamama and Byron,” Dan explains. And, naturally, it’s the indies like Liverpool’s Lucha Libre, Manchester’s Solita and Leeds’ Red’s True BBQ.

And they’re listening to us, too. Finding out what tickles our taste buds.

“If a customer recommends a local restaurant we currently don’t work with, for sure we’ll go and check it out. We’ll eat there, and if we love it, it’s on the list, simple as that,” he says.

It’s this appetite for new flavours, new routes to deliciousness that’s made Deliveroo so dependable – meal after meal. And their curiosity to try new things never wavers – they’re building up their fleet of cycle couriers too: “They’re quick, green, easy to park up, and often they’ll beat a car to your door in the city centre.”

Got a spare evening, a bike you need to road test, and fancy earning a few quid? Then Deliveroo want to talk to you: (visit

“Yes, our growth has been fantastic, “Dan says, “But ultimately, we’re still as passionate as ever to ensure people enjoy the very best food, whether that’s a healthy salad or a filthy burger, whenever they want.

They remain, in short, as hungry, and as driven as they ever did. As a result, they could be sorting out your hunger, and driving straight to your door in the next half an hour. Get the wine chilled.