Photo by Jack Kirwin -JK Photography-

The Pass Christmas 15

News from the food frontline Manchester There’s so much to say about Albert’s Schloss we haven’t got space to spell it all out. Here’s…


Q&A: Thomasina Miers

Winning Masterchef a decade ago was just the start of it for the force of nature that is Thomasina Miers. Since then, she’s been…

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The Dark Arts

One of the most exciting exhibitors at this year’s Manchester Food and Drink Festival, for us, was Biospheric Studio’s space-age incursion into Albert Square….


Eat Your Greens

The search for superfoods is neverending. But could a cheap, nutritious food with superpowers be clinging to a rock near you? WHY IS SEAWEED…


STUFFED: England’s Glory

Bitten celebrates a great British Christmas with a little history lesson from Crosby’s Albina restaurant. Crosby’s on the up. Glittering little boutiques line College…