Each issue, Bitten goes the extra mile to seek out the amazing amongst us. From road trips to back-yard bakeries, food slams to farm shops, Bitten’s signature mix of smart advice, immersive photography and expert reporting on food, design, style and travel offers practical ways for our readers and their gang to step out of the weekly routine. To see, hear, feel and taste the world around them.

What connects our stories? Passion.

Street food, food slams, farmers’ markets, artisan bread, craft beer and small batch gin: some say food and drink is having a moment. We disagree.

Bitten isn’t about food as fad; drink as fashion. It’s about the constants: real people, driven by a passion to bring something amazing into the world.

Butchers. Bakers. Real ale makers. Bitten is about reconnecting to the stuff we consume in a curious, intelligent and celebratory way. It’s about going upstream to the source. It’s about finding the stories, people and passions that truly nourish us all. Stories that weave through food, drink, travel and culture. And it’s driven by an honest desire to go off grid and bring home the bacon.

Bitten seeks out the north west UK’s best producers, providers and personalities – working with a team of truly great writers, illustrators, home economists and photographers.

Bitten is a magazine for people with an appetite for new experiences – wherever they may lead.